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About the Vineyard – Chateau Des Ganfards

About the Vineyard

About the Vineyard


Chateau des Ganfards Terroir :

Terroir is a French term that expresses the combination of soil weather conditions and style of wine growing and winemaking. These three elements bring a specific identity and a sense of place to the wine.

Vignoble Geraud is caracterised by :

Early Tertiary rocks of the rupelian period ; alternating layers of hard white lacustrine limestone with layers of marine clays, marls and some friable beach limestones. The vines are on a gently sloping plateau with some steeper slopes. Mainly shallow limey soils some deeper clayey soils and a few superficial silty-clay soils .

Grape varieties at Chateau des Ganfards :

Merlot 7.5 ha
Malbec 1ha
Cabernet Franc 5.4 ha
Cabernet Sauvignon 2.2 ha
Total red 16.1 ha

Muscadelle 0.50 ha
Sauvignon 3.35 ha
Semillon 6.90 ha + 2 ha young vines no production yet
Total white 12.75 ha

Total growing 28.85ha + will plant 0.25 ha of vines next year 2016

A TOTAL of 29 Hectares.


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